Cheryl Bosch
Brenda in Orange
Basket & Bracelet
Doogle, King of the Dark
On the Road with Mike
My name is Cheryl T. Bosch, but I sign my artwork as ceebs. It is a nickname lovingly given to me by my sister, over 30 years ago. I like signing my work with an unobtrusive, non-gendered, one word name. After all, the work is not about me, but about itself - about its evolved state.

When I start a piece of work in whatever media I start for several reasons - the subject may touch me, the colors might inspire me, or I may simply find it challenging. My professors over the years have told me that the content of the art is the most important aspect. In this I must declare my outright rebellion. Perhaps it is a sign that I have a long way to go as an artist, but my motivating force in my art is in the process. I am not trying to impress an ideal on my viewer. I do not have political statements. I simply want or need to experience the artistic process, whether it is in the soft, silky, strokes of a pastel or the delicate whisper of graphite on paper. The act of drawing or painting has the ability to consume me - mind and soul. The exploration of beauty is limitless.

I will sometimes accept commissions.

Media: Graphite, Pastels, Acrylics, Oils, and Black & White Photography