Bob Gibson
A Rose is a Rose ...
Let it snow. Let it snow.
Reflections of a Wild Pony
Whew! It's hot.
Winter at the Lake I
I started in film photography about 40 years ago, after taking a couple of courses in acrylic painting at a local community college. The courses were in the winter and so we had to take pictures of our subjects so as to be able to paint indoors. I quickly fell in love with the camera and took some courses in basic photography and joined a local photography club. With monthly club contests I became very competitive, winning a number of monthly contests.

When digital cameras came out with a better resolution I joined the “digital age” without hesitation. In the spring of 2004 I held my first (and only) one man show at Bistro 309, which has since changed its name. I displayed 30 framed pieces, with a small number of “digital Art” pieces and was pleasantly surprised with the reaction to the “digital art” pieces. I now do a few more art pieces, but my real interest is in pure photography.

I presently lead The Lake of the Woods Camera Club, teaching basic photography and helping our members learn to use Photoshop Elements 4.0 a software program to enhance photos as well as create “digital art”.

EXHIBITS: Currently I have framed pieces hanging at the following locations: Wild Bird Center Lee’s Hill Restaurant Caroline Café Lake of the Woods Clubhouse Lake of the Woods Administration Building
AWARDS: Several first second and third place awards at the annual Fredericksburg Photography contest.

STATEMENT: I believe that photographers and artists have an obligation to not only capture the beauty that God surrounds us with but to share those images with those too busy to smell the roses.

Media: Photography

Swift River Bridge