Michele Milano
Contact: micheletmilano@yahoo.com
Website: http://michelemilanostudios.com/
I am in LOVE with the infinite colors, shapes and textures that gloriously surround us in Nature! The height, depth and spectrum of all this makes me break out into song!

“Music {ART} expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” Victor Hugo

My belief is that Art is otherworldly. It is something remarkable, which stands apart from our ordinary, daily routine. Call it a mirage, a dream, fantasy or a vision. This is the precipice from which I seem to work. I surround myself in “audio art” as a musician in a forested studio setting, while striving to create Beautiful, tangible Art as a Jewelry Artist.

My work features Organic Materials, as I love the natural integrity of metals, glass, and crystals; precious and semi-precious stones. My goal is to showcase these natural elements in a design, which best shows off their innate characteristics: all the while remaining-hopefully--“outside the box”.

I am a classically trained Metalsmith-Jewelry Artist and Musician who has lived and trained on both US coasts as well as in Germany and France. My belief is that an artist is ever striving for perhaps the unattainable perfection of the craft—therefore, we continually seek to improve our skills.

My favorite materials are Sterling and Fine Silver, Bronze, Brass , Copper and Precious Metal Clay, Precious and Semi-precious stones: Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst,White Topaz and Quartz Crystal.

Please check my website for a complete gallery of my Jewelry Creations.

Media: Metal - Formed and Forged