Merian C Stevens
After the Rain
Front Porch
Deserved Rest
I am passionate about what I do and will continue mixing colors, innovating and looking for new challenges. My inspiration is found from images in my dreams, or after being captivated by a situation, place, people or culture. My mind naturally translates what I think, feel, smell, or sense into vibrant images. Using the words of N.I. Lobachersky’s, “To live be to feel, to enjoy, being constantly aware of the new that reminds us we are alive.” I believe even a grain of sand or a minuscule snow flake is full of the divine. The simple things in nature are full of genius and infinite source of inspiration to me.

God is the creator of beauty, and as His child I have just a minuscule glimpse of it. I believe my art shifts the energy in its environment. My objective is to challenge the viewer to a higher level of freedom and boldness while at the same time infusing serenity and balance.

Media: Silk & Acrylics