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Meet Artist Abigail Horton

I am a recent graduate in Fine Arts from George Mason University.   I look forward to honing the skills that I have acquired with the space and exposure I am finding at Brush Strokes Gallery.  I hope my presence here can further my passion for the art that I generate and positively impact my path as an artist. Sharing ideas with other artists, many of whom have much more experience than I do, opens up prospects for community and growth.

I am a mixed media artist with a concentration in painting. The work that I create has an atmospheric nature that I produce with the use of pigment, form and medium.   

What I hope to accomplish at Brush Strokes is the opportunity to delve into the world of making my artform my way of life. I feel that I will be a great addition to the long list of successful artists the gallery houses and look forward to this opportunity.

Abigail Horton

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