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Michèle Milano is a lifelong Artist-Musician.  She is both a Pianist and Singer.


But she embarked on her Artisan Jewelry Journey about 6 years ago at the Corcoran College of Art and Design.


As a Classical Singer, she found herself always on the reconnaissance for the “perfect” set of baubles to set off her concert attire:  be it fancy dress or jeans.


 Yet, she was never satisfied with what was available—nothing quenched her love of natural and faceted gemstones, gleaming metal with a touch of bling!  And so her jewelry journey began!


About her work she says, “I believe that Art is otherworldly, something remarkable, which stands apart from our ordinary, daily routine.  Call it a mirage, a dream, fantasy or a vision.  This is the foundation from which I seem to work.”


She further explains, “My work features Organic Materials, as I love the natural integrity of metals, glass, crystals and especially precious and semi-precious stones.    My goal is to showcase these natural elements in a design, which best shows off their natural characteristics:  All the while, weaving in a whisper of fantasy and suggesting the splendor of a bygone era.”

Michele finds inspiration for her work in the jewels of Antiquity, not only from Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, but also from earlier dynasties and kingdoms.  This theme can easily be seen in her two favorite Jewelry Collections:  Ancient Artifacts and Lost Empire.


Currently, she is also creating a Men’s Jewelry Collection.


Her Metal Arts are divided into three main facets: 

  • Metalsmithing: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper

  • Precious Metal Clay Work in the same alloys

  • Working with Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones


Michele is a juried Artist and has exhibited her jewelry collections in various shops and galleries in Northern Virginia and New York.

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