Meet Artist George Werbacher


Fredericksburg based artist George Werbacher was born in New Jersey. George has spent most of his life drawing, painting, and studying art. Though he never formally studied art at a university, he has spent years studying all different styles and techniques constantly looking for inspiration and improvement.

From the Blue Ridge Mountains, small towns like Fredericksburg, and beautiful shorelines and lakes makes Virginia is a haven for artistic inspiration. When I make it a point to stop and take notice of the overwhelming beauty that surrounds these areas, I long for my paints and brushes.

George Werbacher artist image.jpg

Virginia is a beautiful area where you can experience all the season changes. For many years I have painted in solitude in my home in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Nevertheless these years have not dampened my inspiration to capture all the magnificent scenery that makes our world so beautiful. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the western shoreline, I’ve worked to capture not just landscapes but memories I have grown very fond of. The abundance of the warm colors of fall, the perfect sunsets of summer, and the never ending greens of endless fields create a collage of images and memories that I’ll never have enough time to share on canvas.


Surrounding the city of Fredericksburg are the rolling fields of preserved Civil War battlefields and neighboring farms separated by rows of all types of trees and foliage. The endless palette of colors seem to change hourly and elevate my senses to create.


My summer weekends are spent on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains where long strolls and spectacular views make leaving this oasis almost impossible. The cool mountain streams, lakes of all shapes and sizes, and the always changing skies are a constant reminder to take a moment and be thankful of my surroundings. These moments of beauty are what I love to capture on canvas.

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