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Meet Artist Hailey Light

Animals and nature have always been my inspiration for just about everything I do, so I suppose it’s not that surprising that my dual nature would lead me to pursue a career in both fact-based veterinary medicine and imagination-based art. I often feel like, as a personality, I am precariously balanced between right brain and left brain, logic and emotion, Science and Art. On one hand I can fall back on hard logic to easily make difficult decisions, and I can stay coolly rational in the face of heated arguments and emotionally charged situations. On the other hand, I can be highly empathetic, prone to flights of fancy, and have what some might consider a child-like appreciation for imagination and fantasy.

While I work in a variety of 2-D and 3-D media, nothing has allowed me to express this duality quite like mixing pour painting with traditional subject-based painting. With strongly logic-oriented thought processes and a heavy education in scientific fields, creating art that mimics biology comes easily to me. A straight translation of what I see in reality to what I draw, paint, or sculpt comes to me like breathing.

Hailey Light

Creating something purposely abstract, fantastic, or other-worldly feels nearly impossible by comparison. Allowing what I imagine and feel to flow into my art without logic and order over-asserting themselves in the process can be a frustratingly impossible task for me. That is where the fluid properties of pouring paint come in.

In my experiments over the last few years, I have found that the harder I try to impose order on a pour painting in progress, the less control I end up having. The results are always unique, rarely what I initially imagined, and they allow me to introduce whimsy, colors, and abstractionism into my work in a beautiful and organic way that might otherwise feel forced and insincere. Once I have a poured base that speaks to me, I can gently add layers of order with my brush until I find the balance that I am seeking in the piece, between fact and imagination, wild and controlled, Art and Science.

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