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Meet Artist Lois Baird


My love for drawing and painting began in grade school, I can still remember how excited I was when my mom surprised me with my first set of paints one summer. However, my parents were concerned about how well I could support myself when I later chose to go to art school. I took the safe route and received my Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, with a major in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, my career headed into the publishing world, and I designed and published an equestrian magazine for over 20 years.


I recently put my computer aside and picked up my camera and paintbrush instead. I have enjoyed the calmness and serenity painting has brought me. As an avid photographer and outdoor enthusiast, I was naturally drawn to Plein Air painting. Through my camera lens I have spent many hours studying light and reflections and now painting “en Plein Air” has allowed me a similar way to capture on paper and canvas that glowing sunset, that wispy cloud, that misty morning. The excitement is in taking my interpretation of what I see, putting paint on canvas, and seeing what unfolds.

Lois Baird

My seascapes and landscapes are inspired by a love for the streams and lakes in Virginia and the coastal waters of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I can often look at one of my finished Plein Air painting and remember the sounds of the rippling water, the warmth of the sun, and how the light and shadows danced while I painted. If my art can draw the viewer into the scene and create a similar feeling then I consider it a successful painting.

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