Meet Artist Nancy Marie Williams


Nancy grew up in a family of artists and drew from an early age.  She began painting in the 1980s after her children were born, and has never stopped.  She considers art to be visual language and an important form of communication.


She has painted in various media over 3 decades:  watercolor, acrylic, oil, and mixed-media.  However in the last couple years, she has made it a point to work exclusively in transparent watercolor.


Nancy says, “I am attracted to the challenge of creating paintings in watercolor.  I like the fact that results are not always predictable, and I find joy in finding ways to creatively include the happy accidents and sudden surprises that can happen with watercolor media.”  

nancy williams

Favorite subjects for her work are local scenes, nature, and those that include water or bodies of water.  Having grown up in the Annapolis, Maryland area, she finds comfort and familiarity in water scenes. Nancy has been a member of Brush Strokes Gallery since 2006.

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