July's Feature: "Transitions"

| tran - zish - uh - n | noun

(Life) movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change

(Music) a passing from one key or melody to another; modulation.

(Art) a changing of line, flow, texture, rhythm, or style

July's Featured Artist, AJ Rasure, certainly knows something about "Transitions." Having recently retired from the United States Marine Corps, he looks back to a career in the US Marine Corps Band and looks forward to his work as a Fine Art Photographer.

And indeed, about his featured exhibit, he says, "My show is dedicated to looking to the past and what I have done, looking to the future and striving to make it bright, and living in the now to insure that my transitions are not earth shaking."

AJ notes that his change in career has not only changed what he does but it has also prompted him to redefine who he is as an artist.

"For the longest time Music and The Marines Corps defined who I was outside of my family and now it is the visual art that I create that will be my expression of who I want to be," he explains. "Life is never just those clean, perfect moments. It is often those times where we are in-between two instances that really define who we are. Like caterpillars we can come out the other side as butterflies prepared to take flight on new colorful wings, or we can bury our heads and throw our internal orchestras out of tune and into disarray. The choice is always ours to make."

Without a doubt, any visitor to the gallery who has taken in AJ's current featured exhibit will agree that AJ has certainly taken flight in colorful and extraordinary directions.

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