August's Feature: "Smallest of Details"

Horses' Iron Gear from the Civil War

“Smallest of Details,” --August's exhibit by Brush Strokes Gallery’s Featured Artist, Liana Pivirotto-- highlights the interesting art of the artifact and the vintage.

Liana forms her art from the unexpected fragment of ancient glass, Roman bronze fibulae, vintage pieces of decayed iron from battles long fought or some natural stone or piece of some aged sewing machine part or odd vintage piece. Creating from each unique find, she wraps the artifacts with bits of tiny glass beads and crystals to shape beautiful shimmering necklaces that have a sculptural quality. Each piece, in fact, begs to be framed and mounted on walls instead of the décolletage.

Inspired by her fascination of history and her lifetime love of creating art, Liana relishes transforming something broken and ugly into a piece of beautiful art.

Along with her stunning (and historically fascinating) necklaces, Liana also shows her

unusual pen and ink drawings using dots (stipplings), and creates pleasing vistas or still lifes, enhanced with the light breath of color through the gentle touch of pastels. Born in Washington D. C. in the same hospital as her father, Liana is a life‐time resident of Virginia. Her Grandfather and her previous Grandfathers have come from Spotsylvania and Madison Counties dating from colonial days. She and her husband have chosen to retire in Spotsylvania and pursue her love of art in the vibrant and continuing flow of the Fredericksburg art community. An award winning artist, Liana has received First Prize, Third Prize and People’s Choice awards, and has also been juried into art exhibits from West Palm Beach, Florida to Fredericksburg. Not only does her show promise to be delightfully interesting, but it will also be so very unique. “Smallest of Details” will run August 3rd - 30, daily 11am-5pm at Brush Strokes Gallery, 824 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia. Meet Liana and celebrate the exhibit’s opening on First Friday, August 7 from 6pm-9 pm.

For more information, please contact Brush Strokes Gallery, at 540-368-0560.