"Abstract Expressions" in September

Featured artists, Merian Stevens and Nancy Williams, combine talents to present a new twist on “Abstract Expressions." Employing a variety of media, Stevens and Williams present a vibrant show splashed with color in acrylic, oil, mixed media, as well as watercolor on silk as scarves and framed art.

Starting out as representational artists with a shared love for abstract painting, Williams and Stevens take inspiration from realistic subjects. Putting their own creativity to work, the artists each give their ideas a new spin. Over the past year, an artistic conversation between Stevens and Williams evolved as they shared their visions with each other for discussion and inspiration. Their collaboration has produced brilliant and unique new work. Merian Stevens works in mixed media, acrylic, and watercolor on silk. She creates her Signature Scarves as a wearable art, and now they are available as framed fine art, as well. Her vibrant colors, bold movements and shapes capture exciting expression. Through her art she is “emerging to a new season in life, leaving behind the unproductive." Her subject is painted "intuitively" without regard for literal detail. The interpretation of its meaning is left up to the viewer. Nancy Williams has been focusing on creating paintings that convey a feeling of movement and spatial depth, as an expression of her feelings. She displays work in acrylic, oil, and mixed media, and particularly enjoys painting in palette knife. Her painting shows varied texture, an interesting mix of colors and unexpected happy surprises. Williams feels that the visual arts are “a form of communication as important as speech”.

“Abstract Expressions” shows from August 31st through Sept 27th at Brush Strokes Gallery, located at 824 Caroline Street in Fredericksburg, Virginia