"April Showers; Spring Flowers" Feature Work by Carol Waite

Carol Waite celebrates the awakening of spring with brilliant Sumi-e brush paintings. Bright blossoms and splashes of color enliven the peaceful scenes of nature rendered in the stylized tradition of brush painting that we associate with China and Japan. During her student days at George Washington University, studying at the Corcoran Gallery, Carol spent most of her time working in oils. It was only years later that she ventured into Sumi-e painting by taking lessons at the Torpedo Factory Art School.

Carol explains that Sumi-e was ideal for her in several respects. "One needs to work very fast on rice paper, as each stroke with the ink and watercolor absorbs very quickly, and is not not correctable." However, working quickly "suits me fine," she quips, "as I have no patience." For Carol, the peaceful nature scenes in Oriental-style painting is also an ideal fit. "I've always

loved nature, and my other professional life was centered around environmental organizations," she notes.

Having grown up in Japan, she has a special appreciation for the way "the peaceful and polite atmosphere of the Buddhist and Zen beliefs" inform Sumi-e paintings.

Her beautiful tribute to the wonder of nature will be on display throughout the month of April at Brush Strokes Gallery.