Sunrise to Sunset: Featured Artist Sarah Flinn

Artist, Sarah Flinn, not only captures our hearts with her nostalgic Americana flair but also inspires our love for its history and folk art. Drawing on her travels around the country, Sarah documents many historical landmarks and scenes from an earlier American culture, when life was simpler and often, more beautiful, than it is today. In her studies of rural life that include country churches, farm scenes, and coastal light houses, we glimpse elements of our country's development that still foster pride in our American spirit. By definition, Americana art captures a unique snapshot of the American experience. It’s rooted in the late 1800’s and includes the great talents of Norman Rockwell, Edward Hopper, and Anna Mary Robertson, better known as “Grandma Moses.” Virginia's own Charles Wysocki is a another classic example of an Americana artist who captures the essence of small town and countryside living. It’s not the style that defines this genre of art; it’s the subject matter. Sarah’s art certainly captures a slice of American pie. It brings a smile to our faces and allows us to pause for a minute to reflect on a patriotic past that is still present with us today. Brush Strokes Gallery features art by Sarah Flinn throughout the month of May.