“Beyond the Skyline”--August's Featured Artist, Kathleen Willingham

Kathleen Willingham is the Featured Artist at Brush Strokes Gallery for the month of August. Her new series of oil paintings continues to express her love of nature and particularly capture the visual surprises that happen every time you look to the sky.

In this series of paintings she has focused on and attempted to capture some of the events that go on beyond the skyline/the horizon line and made an artistic interpretation of them. In the past year or so, Kathleen has been working on landscapes using pastel in which the emphasis was on the land and fields but as she surveyed her past work, she noticed that a lot was being said about clouds and dramatic skies.

As a result, she decided to work in oil again and think more about the mood of the sky. Some of the images she has created are paintings

of sunny warm summer bright skies with light cotton ball clouds, calm overcast partly cloudy conditions that almost become gray, early evening, sunsets, sunrises and clouds that may be threatening rain or other weather events. In some of the paintings she has referenced photos that she took and some are from her imagination.

Kathleen feels that the skies are truly fascinating in all seasons with a variety of conditions and ever changing colors, cloud formations and activity. The mood and attitude of the landscape that is below the horizon line is affected by what is happening in the sky and in this series of paintings is not quite as important as what is going on in the sky.

Kathleen is a retired art educator that has been with Brush Strokes Gallery since 2009. She paints in oil, acrylic and soft pastel. Her work may also be seen in other galleries in Fredericksburg, Culpeper, Orange and Sperryville.VA.