"Flora, Fauna & Fred"--September's Celebration!

In September, Brush Strokes Gallery celebrates featured artists, Stacy Gaglio and Katie Green. Their show, “Flora, Fauna, and Fred,” presents two distinct styles of representational art, each of which delights by capturing the essence of a scene.

Of the “Flora and Fauna” in their show, Green says, “My paintings in watercolor and acrylics begin with a visual moment of pleasure I find in nature: a flash of color; a slant of light; a pattern of shadows; a vignette of bird, or bug, or flower.”

She notes that rather than capturing the grand sweep of a landscape or the crisp angles of manmade structures, she seeks to highlight the small shapes, textures, and gestures of field and forest. Her passion is to convey a creaturely awareness of the macro world and through it, an at-oneness with the biosphere.

Four years ago, after she retired from the English Department of Western Kentucky University, Green and her husband Bill moved to Fredericksburg to be near their grandchildren. It was then that she took a few classes and discovered her passion for painting. Green laughingly says that her decades of experience with language and literature have been very helpful in providing titles for her paintings.

For Gaglio, the “Fred” of their title references her lifelong fascination with “buildings, homes, and old signage.” In particular, she enjoys exploring old Fredericksburg in hopes to find just the right building. When she does, she often revisits the scene until she captures it in perfect light before beginning a painting. Her depictions honor places that “were once beautiful and now are old and forgotten.”

Gaglio earned her degree in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and over the past twenty plus years, has designed high-end residential homes. Although her mother is an artist, whose painting she has watched for as long as she can remember, it was about two and a half years ago (on her mother’s birthday) that Gaglio herself finally took up the brush.

Gaglio’s images bear witness to the architectural drawing skills she learned in design school, but to say as much hardly describes her work. What makes her “Fred” so special is the human touch she brings to her paintings—the subtle nuances that both remind the viewer of earlier inhabitants’ lives and bear witness to the artist’s own whimsical wit.

Stacy Gaglio and Katie Green have been members of Brush Strokes Gallery since 2014.