Beverly Toves Captures Home Town Story

As a former sculptor of the human form as well as a well-known, local, portrait photographer (Portrait Excellence by Beverly), Beverly Toves delves effortlessly into human interest stories and her July 2017 Featured Exhibit at Brush Strokes Gallery proves her extraordinary skill as a painter and story-teller.

Drawing from her photographic portrait style which captures the light and composition of the Dutch Masters, she delights in capturing people in their day-to-day. Like the Masters, she frequently emphasizes her subjects’ relationships or everyday activities. Fans of Toves’ work have come to prize her thoughtful depictions of the family unit and, in particular, mothers and their children.

In her Farmer’s Market series, Toves has incorporated her uniquely personal touch, capturing the depth of relationship between her subjects with delicately placed brush strokes. But more than that, her work serves as a kind of journalistic record of Fredericksburg sights, sounds and flavors.

The rich texture and vibrant fluidity of her pieces place her viewers in the moment, and enable them to vicariously enjoy eating cold, ice cream on a hot summer’s day or choosing the right fall produce or décor on frosty October day.

Toves says that in recent years she has found her artistic voice as a Colorist. She explains, “I enjoy using bold, bright, juicy colors to convey even the simplest subject matter--for instance, painting a cupcake or the head of red cabbage.”

She adds that her message as an artist focuses on all that is beautiful and delightful in this world. As a result, she strives to communicate light and joy through each of her compositions. By choosing a vibrant palette, she feels that she can accomplish just that.