Megan Crockett "Ocean: Pattern and Light"

MeganCrockett’s uplifting exhibit, “Ocean: Patternand Light, that is featured at Brush Strokes Gallery throughout July embodies two of her lifelong loves—art and the ocean.

Even as a preschooler, Megan could be found in the wee hours of the morning drawing cartoon-like figures. She continued to explore art throughout her early school years, and, in middle-school, she was enrolled in a class at the acclaimed Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC as a birthday gift. In high-school she embraced every opportunity to take art classes, including a class in technical drawing. Shortly after graduating, she was hired to draft renderings for a leading architectural and engineering firm in Northern Virginia and later received an art degree from the University of Mary Washington.

Throughout her career, Megan's artwork was a venue to share her inspirations, musing, and emotions with others. Shehoned her talents in a variety of mediums, including encaustic painting, screen-printing, and oil and acrylic painting, as well as ceramics. Her style rangesfrom whimsical to abstract and realism, as she draws inspiration from the organic forms of nature as well as from architecture and elements of the built environment.

The talent, skill, and heart that Megan developed throughout her career as an artist now all come together in her exhibit this month which conveys the essence of another lifelong love, the ocean. “When I was just three years old, my family lived near the ocean in Washington state. I could look out my window and see the lighthouse on the Dungeness Bay and I could hear the fog horns of those thousand-footers throughout the night,” she recalls. “Since those days, I have always loved being near the sea. It’s comforting and is a wonderful place to think and reflect and just relax.”

In the course of her life’s journey, Megan would have a unique firsthand experience of the ocean. Learning of how the Coast Guard works from her godfather, she joined the Coast Guard—a choice not frequently made by young women in that day. “One day I had an opportunity to actually go aboard a thousand-footer, and the captain even allowed me to take the wheel at one time. It was awesome!” she recounted.

In addition to that special moment, the Coast Guard had yet one more treasure in store for Megan: it was there that she met her husband, James, who will be retiring after 30 years of service at the same time that Megan’s “Oceans: Patternand Light” exhibit is featured at Brush Strokes gallery.

Megan’s exhibit includes ceramics, oil and acrylic paintings that capture nautical and marine images, including a luminous sunrise, a pensive seagull, and a school of fish in a piece that embodies a range of patterns including her hallmark “woven” texture in its border as well as the positions of the fish and the trails of their emerging bubbles.

“I am truly looking forward to meeting visitors who view the exhibit and talking about the pieces with them,” she said. “Sometimes they may point out things that I had just subconsciously created in the artwork without realizing it. Through my art, I convey what I see and feel, and they will add to the experience through their own thoughts and emotions.”

Megan Crockett's "Ocean: Pattern and Light" exhibit will be displayed from July 1 through July 28, and visitors will have an opportunity to meet and chat with Megan and other gallery artists at the exhibit’s opening reception on “First Friday,” July 5, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.