"Home and Away ... a Fine Art Journey There and Back Again"

Dreamers and art lovers alike will embark on a romantic and grand visual journey during October through Featured Artist Lynn Abbott’s exhibit, “Home and Away…A Fine Art Journey There and Back Again,” presented by Brush Strokes Gallery during the month of October.

The exhibit celebrates the spirit of adventure and invites viewers to step into another place and time. Abbott’s work sweeps gallery guests away on a grand world tour.

Her dramatic paintings carry viewers from Princess Anne Street in Fredericksburg to countries throughout Europe. Through her work, viewers may wander the gardens at the Louvre; travel by Parisian train to Provence; wander along the shores of Lake Como, Italy; explore the Shenandoah Valley or revel in the historic beauty of Fredericksburg.

Indeed, artist Lynn Abbott claims she is a “hopeless romantic.” After all, she explains, “My paintings reflect my love of old European and early American landscapes. I have always been captivated by the past and have reveled in life’s ‘unexpected’ journeys.”

Abbott pauses to reflect and then adds, ““I suspect that my father’s adventurous spirit influenced my early love of landscape paintings.”

And in fact, Abbott’s father, a well-known geologist-oceanographer, made travel a priority for his family.

Abbott fondly recalls summers spent exploring the Grand Tetons, Yellow Stone National Park, and the Rockies. Grinning mischievously, she says, “When I had the opportunity to travel to Europe as a young collegian, my father packed my bags for me.”

However, it wasn’t a hard sell. Her father’s accounts of his adventures abroad had already captivated her imagination. She laughs as she recalls listening to her father’s stories “like J.R.R. Tolkien’s young Frodo enamored with Bilbo’s exotic tales of faraway lands.”

Perhaps, for this reason, Abbott began sketching the places she wished to visit. Abbott recalls being inspired at age nine to paint the Swiss Alps after reading Johanna Spyri’s Heidi. Since she could not live in Switzerland, she sought to vicariously visit it through art. In this way, she daily “journeyed” to her favorite places.

Without a doubt, her fascination with art’s ability to transport its viewers to another time and place has also captivated many of her collectors. While attending an Abbott exhibit, guests frequently announce, “I feel like I could step into her paintings. I wish I could live there.”

Brush Strokes Gallery cordially invites you to join Lynn Abbott on a visual adventure reminiscent of the Romantic painters and writers who populated their creations with the otherworldly beauty of both home and away.

No passport required, of course.

“Home and Away…a Fine Art Journey There and Back Again” will run from September 30 through October 27, daily from 11am-5pm at Brush Strokes Gallery, 824 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Meet Abbott and celebrate the exhibit’s opening on First Friday, October 4 from 6pm-9 pm. For more information, please contact Brush Strokes Gallery, at 540-368-0560.