Meet Brush Strokes Gallery's President

Brush Strokes Gallery will enter the new year with Ben Childers at the helm in his first full-year as president. Ben has been a valued, talented artist who has quietly offered his support to the gallery for nearly a decade, doing everything from serving as treasurer to be the first to step-up as a substitute for members who asked for help with docent duties. He and his wife Ann have been dubbed the Elves of Brush Stokes, as they often work after hours to add special touches to the gallery.

Though Ben Childers has won fans for his expertise in creating beautiful--and sometimes fanciful--fused-glass artwork, his artistic experience goes back to the mid-sixties when he first explored oil-painting in high school. As his life unfolded with service in the Navy and parenting, with Ann, their two sons, Ben continued to paint when he could and began to explore other mediums, beginning with a venture with stained glass with his older son, which eventually led to his creations of fused glass.

When he came to Fredericksburg and was looking for a gallery to show his artwork, he felt instantly at home when he walked into Brush Strokes one day and saw the botanical and fanciful ceramic creations of Christine Lush-Rodriquez.

"I told myself I want to be in a gallery that shows that!" he recalls.

That was ten years ago, and Ben has been a stalwart member of the gallery since that day. In the past two years, Ben felt called to return to his roots in painting. He began with abstracts in acrylics and then returned, full-circle, to oil painting of landscapes, still life, and, most recent of all--animals.

When asked what he envisions to be on the horizon for Brush Strokes, Ben said "We are continuing to expand our range of artists. We are always on the look-out for talented artists and applications are always welcome!”

As the launch of a New Year and new decade, Brush Strokes Gallery will feature an all-members show of creations in a spectrum of media, including hand-crafted jewelry, unique glass art, metal sculpture, images on porcelain, charcoal drawings, pastels, photography, porcelain paintings and paintings in oils, watercolors, acrylics, and mixed-media.

All are encouraged to include among their New Year's Resolutions the goal to enhance their homes and the homes of friends and family with unique, timeless works of art.

Brush Strokes January Exhibit of all-members' works will be December 30 through February 2, and visitors will have an opportunity to meet and chat with gallery artists at the exhibit’s opening reception on “First Friday,” January 3, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Visit Brush Strokes Gallery at 824 Caroline Street, open daily from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.