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Cheryl Bosch
Media: Graphite, Pastels, Acrylics, Oils, Black & White Photography
Collette Caprara
Media: Watercolor, Acrylics
Beverley Coates
Media: Watercolor
Ben Childers
Media: Fused Glass, Oils
Sarah Flinn
Media: Oil, Watercolor
Bob Gibson
Media: Photography
Elen Grigg
Media: Watercolor
Bonnie Halford
Media: Mixed Media, Watercolor
Medina Roberts
Media: Acrylics
Carol Waite
Media: Sumi-e Oriental Brush Painting
Kathleen Willingham
Media: Pastels, Oil, Acrylics
Norma Woodward
Media: Photography
Peggy Wickham
Media: Acrylics
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Karen Julihn
Media: Pastels, Acrylics
Sarah Lapp
Media: Oil, Mixed Media
Leslie Hilton
Media: Watercolor
AJ Rashure
Media: Photography
Lynn Abbott
Media: Acrylics
Liana Pivirotto
Media: Jewelry, Mixed Media
Nancy Williams
Media: Mixed Media
Merian Stevens
Media: Silk and Acrylics
Penny Parrish
Media: Photography
Katie Green
Media: Acrylics
Tonya Butcher
Media: Watercolor, Pastel,
Stacy Gaglio
Media: Acrylics