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Meet Artist Carol Haynes


Carol likes to refer to herself as a “drawing artist”. Probably because the art of ‘drawing’ has proven so rewarding when it comes to making other people…smile. Creating customized animal portraits has long been a favorite past time for this East Tennessee native. And it is no surprise to learn that other people’s pets are her favorite subjects to draw. Especially older dogs. Dogs of any breed or kind…as long as they have four legs (optional) and a wagging tail; that’s all this artist needs for inspiration. Carol has chosen to limit her palate to that of a ‘black and white medium…on a colored piece of paper’.  The artist’s favorite medium continues to be charcoal (stick, vine, charcoal pencils that can be finely honed).  The goal of the artwork is not to create a piece that is seen as photorealistic. But instead, to create a customized portrait that is seeking to capture the unique ‘soul…or spirit’ of a given subject. It is the artist’s belief that no two animals (or people) are alike. There may be resemblances…but, as many have discovered to their delight, Carol has an eye for what makes their pet’s portrait ‘one-of-a-kind’.  

Carol Haynes

If you have a special place in your heart for a family member with four legs (still optional) and a tail…then this is the artist for you.    Carol invites you to treat yourself to a lasting memory that will put a smile on your face…every single time you look their way.   And remember…the love we all share.                   

Newest Pieces Available for Purchase

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Commissions and Artist-Owned Portraits

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