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Marianna_Smith_The Velveteen Rabbit 2-8.
9 John Paul Jones House-9
Carol Haynes_My Friend Thoma_Charcoal St
PeteZinck_Piston Candelabra made from pi
HaileyLight_Night Mares_12x24-8
Parrish Penny A_Grass with Ice_18 x 22 m
DeniseDenecke_20x16 framed canvas_$500-2
Norma Woodward_The Blue Barn_photo on ca
Ducklings Explore by Collette Caprara oi
Buddy Lauer, Bye Bye Starfish, 20x20, Fr
BeverlyToves_Selene the Macaroon Queen_2
Stacy Gaglio_Silent Night_16x20_Acrylic_
Nancy Williams_Sun Enthusiasts_Watercolo
BeverleyCotes_Solace from Grden_10X10_wa
MedinaRoberts_Pentagon Row_oil over acry
SarahFlinn_Covered Bridge_16x24_oil_$150

Beverley Coates creates the most exquisite floral watercolors I have ever seen.  The finishing texture on her paintings brings out the deep rich texture and depth color seldom seen in watercolor art.


Stop by the gallery to see Beverley's latest, "Lily of the Valley", show above.

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Brush Strokes Artists work in glass, textile, photography, watercolor, acrylic, oil and other fine art mediums. 

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Collette Caprara, TOGETHER IN FLIGHT oil

Collette Caprara creates the most realistic wildlife oil paintings ever.  This painting, "Together in Flight" is one of those paintings by Collette that you just have to see to believe.  It's beautiful.

Stop by the gallery to see more of Collette's work.


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