Meet Artist Michele Milano


Metalsmith, Michèle Milano, a born and bred New Yorker, came to jewelry making through her musical concertizing at DC Embassies, The Strathmore, in Germany, France, New York  and Los Angeles: Always on the look out for that special bauble to accentuate her performance attire—and never quite finding the right sparkle.  Combing the malls, city, town and village streets, boutiques and craft fairs—everywhere—and zip: nothing was right.


And then somewhere in 2009 while floating through a local department store, a very unusual necklace caught her eye.  LOVE at first sight! And on Sale!  Once home, while eagerly trying it on—it broke with beads flying everywhere.


Murphy’s Law perhaps—but how hard could it be to put it back together??  Never having darkened the doorway of any Craft Store, Michele found herself lost in the findings aisle…


And so Jazz n Jewelry by Michèle Milano began with a lovely, but broken necklace, which when repaired, only inspired Michèle to learn more about this fascinating field. 


Accepting her husband’s challenge to go and learn a new skill, she enrolled in a Metalsmithing Class at the Corcoran School of Art and Design.  From there continuing on to work and learn from local masters in the field….


Michèle Milano has shown her jewelry operated her own NY Boutique in the early 2010’s and has had her work shown in various galleries.


Her lifelong musical path as a classically trained and degreed Pianist and Singer/Jazz Performer/Teacher and Composer—Led her to stumble quite accidentally into a whole new wonderful world!   Jazz n Jewellery by Michèle Milano

Michele Milano
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