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Meet Artist Penny A Parrish


Following her careers in television journalism and law enforcement, Penny Parrish now pursues a new passion:  photography.  After her retirement from the FBI Academy in 2012, she found her creative home at Brush Strokes Gallery.


While Penny is extremely active in the Fredericksburg Arts Community, she nevertheless enjoys the solitude of working alone with a camera.  She is inspired by simple scenes: the colors of our seasons, snowfall before foot prints, abstracts, and the lines and angles of buildings.


Penny, who moved to Fredericksburg from Minnesota, is also intrigued by the history of Virginia and the images it creates for a photographer. 


Socially and environmentally conscious, she seeks to “repurpose” old frames, giving them second life, enhancing her many thought-provoking and beautiful, fine art photographs. Although Penny does not sell numbered prints, she will on occasion make a copy of an image upon request.


An award winning photographer, Penny has received both national and regional recognition for her creative work.  In her second career, it seems Penny has truly come home.

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